Company Overview

Corporate Information

Everbright Grand China Assets Limited (the “Company”, stock code 3699) is a property management company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, principally engaged in the businesses of property leasing, property management and sales of properties held for sale. The Company’s properties are located in Chengdu, Sichuan province and Kunming, Yunnan province in the PRC, and the stable tenant base provides a stable and recurring revenue source. As of the Latest Practicable Date, the Company had ten wholly-owned subsidiaries, five of which were their Major Operating Subsidiaries. The property portfolio comprised three commercial properties, namely Everbright Financial Center, part of Everbright International Mansion and Ming Chang Building, with a total GFA of approximately 89,507 sq.m. and residential properties, namely part of Dufu Garden, with a total GFA of approximately 1,319 sq.m.. As a member of China Everbright Group, Everbright Grand China Assets Limited benefits from synergies with China Everbright Group and recognition of the “Everbright” Brand. Everbright Grand China Assets Limited are led by an experienced senior management team, which has extensive management and industry experience, it is believed that the experience of the management team will continue to lead to identify suitable investment opportunities, including in overseas markets, and contribute to the success of their business and expansion.